Music & Video Artists
With Videovault and AppMyTrack we offer powerfull tools for Music and Video Artists to engage with their fan base in the most effective ways possible.
Artists will have full control of the tools without having to engage in technicalities. They will have access to all the tools needed to manage and energize their community while their fans will experience the most versatile service in the online audio and video market
Fitness and Leisure
AppMyStep will allow fitness clubs to offer their members a tailored fitness app with unmatched features. It taps into the growing market of online fitness and allow your fitness club to participate in this trend.
With AppMyStep you will allow your students to enjoy all the regular features of leading fitness apps in the market, but adjusted to your clubs unique flavour. Offer your students personal trainer feature by opting to allow monitoring of their fitness results and enable them to engage with other club members for enhanced cohesion.
Upcoming Artists
Mytracklist is the music community initiative from upcoming independent artists all over the world where likeminded music fans meet with Artists and other music fans to experience new music and videos. They engage with the Mytracklist artists and get involved like never before. Mytracklist comes with a unique and rich set of features, services and apps that will suit the needs of all artists and music fans.
Appprayer offers powerfull tools which will allow your church community to engage and worship in exciting new ways.
Engage the community with daily prayers and witnessings. Set up funding goals for community or church project and allow your community to share their expeierience in the online commnity room. Set incentives for funding results, member of the week, etc.
The community hangout will allow for active interactions among your followers and turn your members into an active and expanding online church family. Your parisioners will be involved like never before.
Let every visitor become a regular customer with your restaurant app. App-e-tite offers powerful tools to engage your customers with contests, livestreams, incentives and much more. Present your newest menus with a brand new twist and prompt your customers with special perks. With this restaurant app you are in full control over your online restaurant community and have the most powerful app in the market. App-e-tite offers all the tools you need to create an energized restaurant community, that will grow rapidly and help to advance your business and boost your restaurant sales. Turn every visitor into a true ambassador of your restaurant experience.
Music Fans
Every Music Fan can now easily spread his or her favourite music by launching their own broadcast stream. Invite friends to join in on your live broadcasts through the Playme app and get them entertained and energize. At the same time promoting your favourite new music among a targeted audience. The Playme app offers all the tools you need to create an energized music community, that will grow rapidly and bring your favourite music to new audiences.
We care
about content
We have developed smart ways to effectively turn your ideas into state-of-the art online solutions which will help you to rise above the crowd With our solutions, businesses and freelancers will be able to get the best out of their content and rapidly grow their base as never before You will discover amazing features which will allow you to get out the most versatile and advanced apps and other digital tools out in the market without any investment at all Still you will be able to have full power over your content, with advanced management tools to energize your customer base, audience and viewers Explore new ways to spread your content and stay ahead of the pack in the most cost effective way. All our products offer free 30 day trial and a wide range of plans, so you will certainly find the one that best suits your needs.
About us
At DTA Systems we commit on a long standing record of innovation and dedication. With over 25 years of experience in delivering user content, we are perfectly equipped and uniquely qualified to making online content presentation stand out in the market. We build on a philosophy of user empowerment, where we transfer all decision making and management of the content to the user. It is your thing, so you are fully in charge. At the same time we offer the user the best of class in technology and viewer experience We continue to develop new ideas and features in order to bring out the best from you. Present your creativity like never before and let us take the best care of your content. Having served the most demanding businesses, we strive to bring solutions that meet those challenging demands.